Promoting Pioneers in Psychology

 I am a member of Psi Chi’s Diversity Advisory Committee. We have room to ensure that there is just, diverse, and equitable representation of female pioneers of color in psychology. Feb 11th is the  International Day of Women and Girls in Science. This celebration is a way to help dismantle the tendency to steer girls away from pursuing careers in the sciences. While women outnumber men in psychology, the contributions to research and scholarship by women of color in psychology continues to be underestimated.

It was through APA’s I am Psyched exhibit stop at the Southeastern Psychological Association that I learned of the legacies of several African American women who paved the way for me to explore my career interests. I was drawn to the life and research of Dr. Inez Beverly Prosser.  This year marks the 88th year since Dr. Prosser became the first African American woman to earn a doctoral degree in psychology. Her story not only demonstrates how African American children can be used as participants in research but it also illustrates the value of mentoring and creating financial opportunities for students of color.  I am proud to serve as a fundraising co-chair for Psi Chi’s Inez Beverly Prosser Scholarship for Women of Color. 

The legacies of African American pioneers and other pioneers of colors should continue to be used as inspiration for future generations. In order to diversify the field with a greater variety of thinkers we need to increase our efforts to raise the awareness of the career opportunities within psychology earlier in the pipeline. Highlighting notable achievements and unanswered questions that were posed across time can help ensure that we continue to provide successful models of scholars who represent our heritage and our various identities. 

Honor Her Legacy

Empower Her Story

Give to the Spirit of Prosser Scholarship Campaign


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