Using Dr. Inez Beverly Prosser’s Story as a Roadmap

My ability to become a female psychologist who studies children’s learning in school settings was made possible by the first African American woman to receive a doctoral degree in psychology, Dr. Inez Beverly Prosser.   I can now see the ties between her dissertation topic, research population, and choice of research methods to my own research, my interest in diversity and inclusion work, and the progress we still need to make in approaching a psychological research through an equity lens .

View my keynote presentation at the Southeastern Teaching of Psychology Conference to learn more about what you can learn from Dr. Prosser’s story.

Check out the resources featured in the presentation below:

Diversity Related Books

Cultivating Genius – Muhammad (2020)

Navigating Difficult Moments in Teaching Diversity and Social Justice– Kite, et al., (2020)

Academic Pipeline Programs: Diversifying Pathways from the Bachelors to the Professoriate– Byrd and Mason (2021)

Racial Healing Handbook – Singh (2019)

Teaching Resources

Intersectional syllabus project

Inclusive teaching practices toolkit

Safe Zone Project

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